Is color an important factor in web design?

One of the main effects of color is that certain colors can trigger certain emotions and feelings in our minds. Believe it or not but the right color can increase sales for business websites. It has a massive subconscious effect on our brain. This is why most brands use certain colors like red, blue, green, black, etc depending on how they want to market themselves.

Importance of color in web design
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What is Color Psychology?

Color Psychology is the study of colors in relation to human behavior. It mostly aims to find out how color can affect our daily decisions. Decisions like making purchases, preferring one brand over the other, preferring one product over the other. This psychology helps in strengthening your brands and encourage your customers to buy from you. As per studies majority of the people decide in less than 90 seconds if they want to purchase your product. This means you have less than two minutes to make a first impression. Furthermore, research also shows that color can boost brand recognition by 80%.

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Why is Color Psychology Important in Web Design?

Choosing the right color for your website can be the distinguishing factor for your customers to choose between you and your competitors. It can help you in standing out from the crowd. This is because color plays a vital role in evoking feelings and inciting emotions. One of the most important benefits of color psychology is that it allows you to market your business effectively to your audience. However, you must be careful while choosing a color for your brand because a wrong choice can also leave a negative impact on your business. Sometimes the poor selection of color can make your website less readable. This can result in losing credibility and trust. Below you can see how certain colors are responsible for invoking certain feelings and emotions in our minds.

Red Color

The red color usually invokes a sense of urgency. The reason why most of the sales and discount signs consist of red is that it draws attention and creates an urge to take action. Furthermore, It is also associated with hunger and passion. This is why we can see the high usage of red color in the websites of food companies and sports organizations.

Blue Color

If you pay attention to banks, insurance, cybersecurity companies, and many social media platforms, they mostly use the blue color in their websites and applications. The reason behind this is because these companies want you to trust them and feel secure while entrusting them with your money or information. Blue is highly associated with trust, safety, security, intelligence, and dependability. This s why you will see top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn use blue as their primary color on their websites.

Green Color

The color green is always associated with nature or the environment. Brands that use green in their websites usually call towards a healthy lifestyle, organic foods, or eco-friendliness. It usually puts our minds at ease and has a harmonizing effect on it. Hence it gives us a feeling of being healthy, lively, and fresh. Brands who use green as their primary website color usually aim at portraying themselves as eco-friendly or health-conscious.

Black Color

Black is widely linked to darkness and death in many societies. However, in the world of marketing, black stands for elegance, sleekness, glamour, and sophistication. This is why black is used for marketing luxury goods and products by many companies. The best thing about black is that it creates a sharp contrast to whatever is in the foreground. If you want to draw the visitor’s attention to one of your products then you can use black to achieve that.


To conclude, there are many other use case scenarios for the colors mentioned in this article. We have mentioned the most common use and effect of these colors on human minds. We have only mentioned four colors in this article, but every other color has its own unique effect and uses in the world of marketing and design. Using the right color in your web design will help you position your business more accurately on the internet. Therefore, you should definitely consider this aspect of design while creating your website. And if you are not planning to create a website for your business then you can check out our other article where we talk about how important it is for every business to have a website.

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